NJKT 16.5oz "Natural Indigo" 2nd Type Jacket with Handwarmers



Natural Indigo 16.5oz

We always loved the blue tone of natural indigo, it’s rich and warm but so far has had some downsides. Normally, the natural indigo dyeing process penetrates the core of the fabric to be also dyed. This means the fading process will not create any contrasts. As it is a very labour intensive dying process (a lot of it is done by hand), natural indigo fabrics end up being 4 times more expensive than fabric with pure indigo. With creating this fabric, we wanted to tackle both these issues and therefore developed a rope-dying method for natural indigo in one of our mills. This dye still goes deeper than pure indigo, which results in rich and intense shades of blue, this fabric does allow for great fades and contrasts which makes it very unique. This rope dyeing method also helped to make the fabric much more affordable while not compromising on the beauty of the natural indigo blue. We have tried a variety of cotton but in the end, but we found a cotton from Texas which takes on the indigo dye the best in our experience. The mill where we created and produce our natural indigo fabric is the only mill in Japan able to do this type of indigo rope dyeing and we sourced a special organic natural indigo from India that cannot be found anywhere else in the Japanese denim industry. This fabric is exclusive in many ways. When we produced this fabric for the first time in normal tension, we already felt this will be one of the best creations we had ever made. Now that we made it low tension, we were able to add a lot of slub and fuzziness on the surface to rival the beautiful blue of natural indigo. 

One Wash
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Fabric Weight (ounce) 16.5
Type of Fabric Unsanforized Denim
Roughness Rough