IDJKT 15oz "IDxID" 2nd type Jacket with handwarmers



Indigo x Indigo 15oz

Our fastest fading fabric is the ID for sure. At 15oz and thanks to its loose weave, this fabric is perfect for all seasons. The original ID fabric, which one of our denim makers conceived about 10 years ago, was lighter, but by switching to Texan cotton, we were able to make it more sturdy. The long stabled Texas cotton provides durability, yet is comfortable to wear. The slub yarn we used for this fabric also adds the many irregularities this fabric is known for. The reason why we switched to the heavier Texas cotton is also pragmatic: the ID fabric is woven on an old shuttle loom, the only one of its kind left and the craftsman who runs it found out the machine handles heavier cotton better. We dip both the weft and the warp threads in pure indigo 8 times, but the dips are done quickly so that the deep blue does not penetrate the yarn too deeply. That is the reason why this fabric fades like nothing else. Thanks to the bumpy structure, the slubby knots on the surface will reveal their white core the earliest so you can enjoy process even after minimal wear. Because of the complex and uneven structure of the denim, the output of fabric is among the most limited of all of our proprietary fabrics. There is only one machine which can make the fabric and it runs slowly due to the loose weave and low tension. Additionally, some parts of the batches end up being not usable because the old shuttle loom cannot handle some threads. The parts of the fabric we deem good enough to use for our denim rivals the best fabrics in the industry and delights our costumers for both its intense texture and its great fading potential.

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Fabric Weight (ounce) 15
Type of Fabric Unsanforized Denim
Roughness Rough